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Understanding Your Value and Building Your Brand

Having a grasp of your personal brand and understanding how you add value is essential to your ability to earn a living. What do you do best and what is your talent worth? How do you effectively communicate your value and maximize What do you do best and what is your talent worth? How do […]

Preparing to Lead Speaker Series at Rutgers-Newark

PREPARING TO LEAD IN TECH & FINANCE The financial services and technology industries continue to change at a break-neck pace. How should professionals, those starting and those seasoned, prepare to be adaptive and productive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World? What skills will be needed to transform organizations and develop future leaders in this […]

Women who Lead and Influence

Wednesday, February 20, 6-8pm – Women who Lead and Influence (link) Panelists include: Melanie Mendoza, Chief Compliance Officer, Matarin Capital Management Donna Sims-Wilson, President, Smith Graham & Co. Investment Advisors, L.P. Susan Webb, President and CIO, Appomattox Tina Byles Williams, Portfolio Manager, Global Equities; CIO; CEO, FIS Group Rita Sallis Senior Advisor, Blueprint Capital Advisory Board